Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Three Movies That Wouldn’t Have Happened With Memory Cards

OnZ Wireless is the best place to buy cell phone accessories in bulk, but we also like to have a little fun. That’s why, this month’s blog is all about movies that prove just how essential owning a memory card can be. So, without further ado...three movies that wouldn’t have happened with memory cards:

Still one of Christopher Nolan’s most famous movies is Memento, and it definitely wouldn’t have happened if the main character would just have had a memory card. The basics of the story are that a man named Leonard, who’s suffering from amnesia, tries to track down the man that killed his wife and caused his memory loss. Because of his amnesia, he has an elaborate note taking system based on Polaroids photos and tattoos that allows him to “remember” and keep track of his findings. It’s a great movie, yet we couldn’t help but feel that it would have been over in under ten minutes if Leonard just had a memory card where he could store all the things he couldn’t remember.

The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

A strange relationship tale if there ever was one, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is about a couple who (understandably) decide that the best way to get over a break-up is to order a “mind cleansing” that removes all memories about the other person. This becomes a problem when they meet and fall in love again after forgetting about each other’s existences. It’s an incredibly well written movie, but obviously, if one of them had bothered to save a couple of holiday photos or joint selfies on their memory card before the procedure, we wouldn’t have needed 90 minutes to get to the end conclusion.

50 First Dates

Lucy suffers from short term memory loss (yeah, a theme is starting to emerge). When she and Henry fall in love, because of her memory loss he has to keep trying to get her to fall in love with him again every day - hence the name 50 First Dates. Now, this movie does actually take advantage of technology more modern than Polaroid photos, but even it could have benefitted from some fun videos made together and then saved on a memory card for the next day and for yet another first date. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Winter Wonderland

Imagine waking up on a beautiful winter morning. One of those that people write songs about. Looking out of the window, you see an expense of pristine white show framed by the azure sky. If you close your eyes, you swear you can hear the tiny tingling of sleigh bells somewhere in another time. You get up, put on a pair of those ugly, but admittedly comfortable, slippers your mother keeps buying you. And inspired by the warm embrace of these mother-bought slippers, you decide today is the perfect day to frolic in the snow! So you make some hot coco, find a handmade scarf to wrap yourself in, and head out the door.

Once outside, the day is as beautiful as it is crisp. You decide to make snowman. It’s like you’re transported back to some imaginary childhood day made out of cookie dough and giggles, as you craft your very own snowman. And then, finally, it’s ready! You look at it and feel the pride of having made something with your own two hands. Pondering that, a thought occurs to you. You should record this moment so that you can remember it for years to come. And, more importantly, so that you can share it and make your friends jealous of your amazing day in snow. So you get your phone out. But…wait. Something is wrong. The phone has turned off. Upon closer inspection you realize it must be out of battery. 

You feel a little silly now, because you just read that article on that site talking about that thing that makes phones lose battery charge much faster in the cold. Such is the price of a good frolic in the snow, you now realize. You are sad. You cannot take a picture of the most epic snowman ever that would have surely gone viral if only the world had had the chance to gaze at it. But your sadness is interrupted by that distant sound of sleigh bells. You hear it again, this time louder. And it keeps getting louder and louder. It’s behind you now, and you turn to see a guy driving a team of reindeer.

As you stare at the strange sight, he asks you if something is wrong. You reply that yes, actually, your phone ran out battery right as you were on the brink of Internet fame. The reindeer-driving madman shakes his head in disapproval and hands you his powerbank, telling you that you can borrow it until you get one of your own. He drives off, and as you stand there holding your phone and the powerbank that will make it possible for you to take the snowman selfie of your dreams, you realize that even a guy driving a group of Arctic animals around a highly trafficked downtown area was sane enough to know he needs a powerbank to keep his smart phone going in the cold. So you decide to buy one, too. The end. 

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