Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Most Premium Products, Ever

We have a special post for you this month to celebrate the launch of our new premium packaging for phone cases. All of the new packages for our competitively priced phone covers now come with hard plastic covers, unique UPC codes and customized color design options, making the phone cases inside look like the trendy, premium products they are.

So, in the spirit of premium products, we want to share with you some of the most premium products ever manufactured. But unlike the following outrageously expensive products, with the new premium packaging, our products combine the look of luxury with inexpensive prices.

The $30 Million Dollar Bikini

Made out of 150 carats of white diamonds that are set in platinum, a bikini designed by Susan Rosen in 2010 became the most expensive piece of clothing ever made. It’s worth a staggering $30 million dollars and it features, for example, a 51 carat pear-shaped diamond and a 30 carat emerald-cut diamond. We would love to share the picture of this amazing concoction that positively screams premium, but it’s not exactly a family-friendly image, since even $30 million dollars doesn’t buy THAT many diamonds….if you want to see what the ultimate premium swimwear looks like, go here.

The $25,000 Dessert

In 2007, A New York restaurant made it to the Guinness book of world records by creating the world’s most expensive dessert. If this isn’t premium, we don’t what is: the chocolate sundae called “Frozen Haute Chocolate” is made out of a blend of 24 cocoas that include the most expensive and rare cocoas in the world. It also includes edible 23-karat gold and a truffle priced at $2,600 per pound. The spoon you eat this premium treat with is, of course, decorated using white and chocolate-colored diamonds.

$880,000 iPhone Case

Known as the world’s most expensive iPhone case (to date, as we’re sure someone will eventually outdo it), this Anita Mai Tan design is made out of 18-karat white gold decorated with 32 carats of real diamonds. It’s not the most convenient-looking phone case, but we wanted to include it to round out our list, especially since we think our phone case packaging achieves the same sense of a premier product at a price perfect for the average consumer.


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